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Here you can find a brief practical explanation about the criteria that must be met to obtain a residency in Costa Rica. However, we address the most popular ones, as there are others that should also be considered that could perfectly fit your situation, but most law firms do not consider as they lack the knowledge to properly assist you; therefore, we invite you to contact us for more information, as we are already happy to guide you through this process.


The investor residency requires an investment of at least $150,000 USD in Costa Rica (before $200K). The investment can be made in different ways. New benefits have recently been approved including a 100% exemption on the importation of goods, vehicles and others, a 25% exemption on transfer taxes when buying a property in Costa Rica and others. Ask for more information.

Also known as “Rentista Residence”, it requires demonstrating a regular and sustainable income of at least $2,500 per month.

Retiree residency requires proof of retired status and receipt of a minimum pension of $1,000 per month.

The Costa Rican Congress recently approved a new category called DIGITAL NOMADS to establish the legal framework for foreigners who wish to travel to Costa Rica while working remotely, as they have an employment contract from companies abroad. 

Costa Rica recently amended its domestic legislation to recognize the marriage of persons of the same sex. It is worth noting that even before this domestic amendment was adopted, same-sex unions were already a criterion for eligibility for residency in Costa Rica.

Being a professional or demonstrating vast experience in certain fields such as lawyer, dentist, accountant, may allow you to exercise your own private practice or run your own business in Costa Rica, once the applicant meets other requirements, such as registration with the respective professional association while complying with other requirements that even Costa Rican citizens must also meet: work permits, business permits, etc. We remain available to guide you all the way.

Companies may want to relocate their own experienced personnel from abroad, or even hire professional and outstanding foreign labor. This is an option to obtain residency through a company based in Costa Rica.

Under these categories, residency can be obtained as a refugee, victim of trafficking, stateless person. Residency may also be obtained for humanitarian reasons in accordance with international treaties and up to the discretion of the local immigration authorities in very special circumstances. 

Depending on nationality, foreigners arriving in Costa Rica as tourists receive a visa that lasts from 30 days to 90 days. This visa can be renewed if the specifications within the law are met. It is an easy process to follow, so contact us to allow you to stay in Costa Rica a little longer to continue enjoying the country.

Domestic service , Students, Teachers, Religious, Investigators and Researchers.

Registering a company before Immigration, whether Costa Rican or foreign, brings with it important benefits, such as faster and easier immigration regularization for its personnel. These are the different categories in which companies are eligible to receive this benefit:
Class A: Those companies already operating or about to start operations under special export promotion regimes (free trade zone).
Class B: Those that export goods and services or promote research and development that are not under special export regimes or free zone regime.
Class C: Those operating in the field of Tourism that comply with the additional requirements of the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute).
Class D: Those operating in the Banking field under the supervision of SUGEF (Costa Rican Banking Supervision Entity).
Class E: Those that operate or are about to start operating within the Telecommunications field under the supervision of SUTEL (Costa Rican Telecommunications Supervision Entity).
Class F: Those that do not meet any of the above criteria but whose headquarters have decided to open a branch or subsidiary in Costa Rica, dedicated to the manufacture of products, goods and services.
Class G: Those companies that have been awarded the development or fulfillment of a contract by the Government of Costa Rica.

This is a temporary permit that allows six to twelve months (renewable) for a person to stay in Costa Rica. It does not include a work permit.

With a very solid social security system, Costa Rica stands out within the region due to its health and welfare system. Known as CAJA (CCSS – Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social), foreigners can enjoy access to it by obtaining a residency in Costa Rica. Companies formed and established in Costa Rica are also required to be registered with the Caja. Let us guide you through this process and other related obligations that are necessary to comply.

The Costa Rican Constitution allows the acquisition of citizenship after 5 or 7 years of legal residence in the country; citizenship is also allowed if the foreigner is married to a Costa Rican citizen, and for those foreign children under 18 whose parents have acquired the citizenship. 

In addition to the specific criteria that an applicant must meet depending on the category to which he/she is applying, the following are requirements systematically requested by the Costa Rican immigration authorities: Birth Certificate, Criminal Record and Marriage Certificates (for spouses within the family group applying for residency or other category). All these 3 requirements must be presented authenticated with Apostille. Please take this into account before traveling to Costa Rica, as this would represent an important cost and fee saving.

If not possible, we can properly assist you to obtain them once arrived in Costa Rica.



Follow-up of taxes and legal obligations of the Corps.
Leasing contracts
Trademark registration

Real Estate


Annual corporate maintenance.
Filing and payment of corporate income tax.
Filing and payment of income tax.


Employment contracts
Hiring / Dismissal
Disciplinary regime
Drafting of Internal Regulations
Social Security Compliance (CAJA)
INS: Insurance compliance, etc.



Prenuptial Agreements
Conflicts of parental rights.
Custody and child support. 
Domestic violence proceedings.

Recognition of a child of a married woman.
Guardianship, etc.

Real Estate

Purchase and sale of properties
Due diligence
Surveys & Inspections

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