Costa Rica’s Top Legal Experts Unite Against Immigration Challenges


An avalanche of residency requests and limited resources are crippling the Immigration Department In an unprecedented move, a remarkable team of highly acclaimed immigration lawyers from Costa Rica has united to talk about what has been identified as a rapidly escalating crisis in the Costa Rican Immigration Department also know as Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería Costa Rica […]

Costa Rica: investing in paradise

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Moving to another country is a decision for the brave. However, when the option is Costa Rica, taking that first step is more attractive. Moving to Costa Rica not only implies starting a new life in a Central American paradise, but also brings many benefits, for example, when you decide to invest in this wonderful […]

Costa Rica is one of the eight cheapest countries for the retirement of American retirees, according to travel magazine


Costa Rica is one of the eight cheapest destinations in the world for American retirees to settle, according to Travel + Leisure magazine Location, access to health care, language, visa qualifications, and income requirements are all part of the considerations these individuals make when moving outside of the United States. Climate, environment, and costs vary across the […]

Digital Nomads in Costa Rica: The ABCs for Tourists Who Want to Work from There


Finally! Costa Rica will begin hosting digital nomads under a new special residency category or visa. It comes after a long, 11 month process that culminated in the signing of the bylaws that underpin the Law to Attract International Remote Workers and Service Providers (Law 10,008). Tourists interested in applying for this category can do […]