Costa Rica is one of the eight cheapest countries for the retirement of American retirees, according to travel magazine

Costa Rica is one of the eight cheapest destinations in the world for American retirees to settle, according to Travel + Leisure magazine

Location, access to health care, language, visa qualifications, and income requirements are all part of the considerations these individuals make when moving outside of the United States.

Climate, environment, and costs vary across the country, but the overall cost of living is about 38% lower than in the United States, and housing is 72% lower on average. magazine.

The magazine’s data is compared on the Numbeo website , the world’s largest cost-of-living database.

The “excellent public and private health care” is one of the main attractions for foreign retirees, according to Travel + Leisure.

If you want to know the list of the eight cheapest countries to retire in the world, you can do it through the following link .

Source: La República

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