COVID 19 Regulations

To date, Costa Rican authorities do NOT require proof of Covid-19 for travel to Costa Rica. They do request proof of having medical insurance to cover the foreigner’s stay while in Costa Rica. Upon arrival, foreigners will also be asked to fill out a form known as a HEALTH PASS which can be found using the following search: PASE DE SALUD COSTA RICA. Once filled out online, a QR code will be generated that must be presented when boarding the plane on your way to Costa Rica.

Although COVID 19 has posed a great challenge for all countries in the world with a different approach and level of success in each country, in general terms, Costa Rica can be referred to as one of those where sanitary regulations are not extreme and, nevertheless, the pandemic is considered under control. No hospital overcrowding has been experienced and both the number of infected cases and deaths are considered low, while the vaccination process has reached more than 80% of the population (one dose of the vaccination schedule). This is mainly as a result of its robust social security system and its recognized health and hospital response capacity, which places Costa Rica among the countries with the highest health indexes in the region.

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